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Compeed Cold Sore Patches

The first cold sore patch clinically proven to heal cold sore lesions, Compeed cold sore patches are effective from the moment you apply them.

They will heal, hide and protect your cold sore lesion, helping you get back to your normal self as quickly possible.


Classification : General Sale Health Product

1 packet of Compeed Cold Sore Patches 15 patchesUSD $24.50
2 packets of Compeed Cold Sore Patches 30 patchesUSD $48.34
3 packets of Compeed Cold Sore Patches 45 patchesUSD $71.58
5 packets of Compeed Cold Sore Patches 75 patchesUSD $118.20


Compeed Cold Sore Patches have 7 key benefits:

  • Heal Fast
  • Hides the lesion instantly
  • Relieves you from pain
  • Reduces swelling and redness
  • Reduces, tingling, itching and burning sensations
  • Reduces the blistering and helps to prvent scabbing or crusting
  • Reduces the risk of contamination from the wound


For Best Results...

Make sure you apply the cold sore patch as soon as you notice the tingling or itching sensations associated with an approaching cold sore. Patches should be used for 24 hours a day. It will fall off naturally after 8 hours and should be replace at that point.

Resist the temptation to remove the patch to 'let it breathe'. Whilst this might seem like a good idea, it will actually lengthen the healing process.

Wash you hands before you apply the night patch and don't use it at the same time as a cold sore cream as the Compeed say the patch will no longer stick.


Active ingredients:

Compeed Cold Sore Patches contain Hydrocolloid - 075; as the active ingredient.


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