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Natural Cold Sore Remedies


Natural Cold Sore Remedies

As you are probably aware, there is no cure for the cold sore causing Herpes Simplex virus. There are many medicines (such as the creams and tablets you can buy on this site) that will effectively treat an outbreak but they won't stop another outbreak ocurring in the future.

This is where natural cold sore remedies can be of use. No, they won't eradicate the herpes simplex virus either....but there is growing evidence that they can be used to reduce the frequency of cold sore outbreaks.

You can find a number of natural cold sore supplements available for purchase below, read on to learn more about natural cold sore remedies.


The Benefits of taking a natural cold sore remedy are:

  • They can be taken longer term to reduce recurrence of cold sores
  • They may reduce the duration of cold sore outbreaks once they have begun
  • Can be taken as an alternative to drugs or as a complementary treatment
  • They offer a gentler approach with less side-effects (in most cases)


Lysine and Arginine - What you need to Know

You'll soon see that most cold sore supplements contain Lysine. It's useful to know what this is and why it's important:

Lysine is an amino acid that we get through food or supplements, the body can't produce it by itself. Lysine has been shown to prevent herpes simplex from spreading.

Another amino acid called Arginine is actually used by the herpes simplex virus to make it's viral proteins.

So what this means is that the ratio of arginine to lysine in your diet is very important. A diet that is rich in arginine and low in lysine has been found to contribute to cold sore outbreaks.

You have 2 options to get the correct ratio of Lysine to Arginine:

  • Be aware of what you eat - Get adequate Lysine from natural sources such as red meat, milk, eggs, cheese, wheat germ, brewers yeast and fish. Reduce your intake of Arginine by avoiding chocolate, peanuts, almonds, cashews, peas, pecans & whole wheat.
  • Take a Lysine Supplement - These can help prevent cold sore outbreaks or shorten their duration. All the cold sore remedies below contain Lysine. People often take a 'maintenance dose' on a regular basis to prevent outbreaks, then if the signs of a coming outbreak occur they increase the dosage for 4 days or until the symptoms disappear. See each product's instructions for more information on dosage.


Other Natural Cold Sore Fighters

Lysine isn't the only natural remedy for cold sores. Here is a list of other important elements. Many of them work by supporting the immune system, this is essential for preventing cold sores as they often strike when our immunity gets low. Most if not all of these elements are included in the products further down this page.

  • Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids - Have shown potential to reduce the severity of infection and prevent recurring infections.
  • Olive Leaf Extract - This is an antiviral herb that can be taken to help fight the herpes virus directly.
  • Echinacea - Works to support the immune system.
  • Green Tea - Rich in an antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate, which is thought to have antiviral properties. Studies have found that it may be very effective against herpes cells.
  • Zinc - Also supports immune system and helps to heal lesions.
  • Honey - Research from the UAE found that topical application of honey reduced cold sore duration 35% better than acicilovir! We would recomend you use Manuka Honey from New Zealand because it has far stronger antibacterial properties than normal honey. The Medihoney brand is available below.



Blackmores Lyp Sine Tablets
Blackmores Lyp-sine contains the amino acid lysine, which reduces the number of outbreaks of cold sores.
GO Healthy Cold Sore Support
Go Healthy Cold-Sore Support, with Lysine & Olive Leaf. Specifically formulated to help nourish and protect the lips in times of stress and support lip health. Can also be used when feeling run down to support the bodys ability to heal lip damage. For adults and children 12 years and over. For those suffering from an outbreak of cold sores, recurring cold sores and poor immunity
Herstat Propolis 3% Cold Sore Ointment 2g
Cold sores can be painful and embarrassing. New Herstat Ointment provides rapid relief and is effective at any stage of a cold sore attack.
Nutralife Cold Sore Formula
A focused formula containing the nutritional factors - Lysine, vitamin C, and Zinc that create an unfavourable environment for the replication of Herpes Simplex virus. Lysine maintains resistance to the virus and prevents its replication. Added vitamin C has anti-viral properties and stimulates the immune system to fight the virus. Together with added Zinc, this combination helps to support the immune system and heal the lesion


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