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Cold Sore Patches


Cold Sore Patches

Once a cold sore has appeared, you will probably want to hide it as much as possible so you can get on with daily life.

Cold sore patches are a great way to do this and they also have a number of other positive effects.


The Benefits of using a cold sore patch are:

  • Cover the cold sore discreetly and relieve social embarrasement
  • Create germ free environments around the wound and are proven to speed up the healing process
  • Can stop the infection from spreading when used correctly
  • Provide a safe and effective alternative to antiviral creams or tablets


How They Work

Unlike cold sore cream and tablets, cold sore patches do not contain an antiviral to stop the herpes simplex virus from replicating.

Instead, they work much like a band-aid, creating a clean environment around the cold sore. This approach has been proven to speed up the healing process in comparable time frames to aciclovir.

A study from Denmark compared the effectiveness of the Compeed cold sore patch to 5% aciclovir cream and concluded:

"Compeed cold sore patch using hydrocolloid technology provides an efficacious and safe alternative to topical antivirals in treating Herpes Simplex Labialis as a wound while affording additional immediate benefits of wound protection, discretion and relief of social embarrassment."


Tips on Cold Sore Patches

Read instructions carefully as different patches work in different ways. Compeed advise to leave their cold sore patch on 24 hours a day, whereas Zovirax advice you to use their invisiSeal patch in conjunction with an antiviral cream.

Be very careful when you apply the patch, wash your hands thoroughly before and after. That way you will avoid spreading the infection.

Obviously the patches do nothing to prevent future outbreaks ocurring. Consider changing your diet or taking a natural cold sore remedy. These can reduce the frequency of cold sore outbreaks.


Note: no prescription is needed for any of these patches.




Compeed Cold Sore Patches
Compeed Cold Sore Patch is the first and only treatment on the market that treats cold sores as wounds using a small virtually invisible patch that works by keeping the cold sore moist, creating a beneficial wound healing environment. An effective and well tolerated alternative to topical anti-viral cream.


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